About Us


OWC, (Orange Watch Company), born out of  passion, frustration and the obsessive compulsion of one man - Daniel Fock - who is now following his dream and the legacy of his Great Grandfather, Willem Hugo Fock who studied at the Ecole d'Horlogie in Neuchâtel in the early part of the 20th Century.

Dan has planted his Dutch roots in a special place called Orange (a rural centre in Australia) and has started a family not of Orange Men, but Orange Women with a wife and 3 daughters.

Dan grew up in the USA, Singapore & Australia. Has a Master's Degree and spent too much time working in Banks and Corporations globally. Now life is a little simpler, doing the school run and growing OWC.

It is a marriage of global experience tempered or sometimes lead by his obsessive compulsive nature to make what he likes to call, bespoke small production runs of time pieces. Dan is the Time Lord of Orange. (Special apology to Doctor Who).

OWC's initial focus is on the ISO range of watches, that is: "In the Spirit Of". Other more "Orange" designs will flow from the OCD (Orange Centre for Design) where he will create "classic" designs all with Orange flavour.

Dan is a little obsessed with the Bauhaus, Fibonacci and the Robert Browning phrase, "Less is More". While this may not be displayed in his correspondence, it is the cornerstone of each OWC watch

OWC time pieces are clean fit for purpose, overly engineered, inspired by ordered passion, CNC engineered, hand assembled and tested by humans…


La maison de l’Horlogerie

Moulder Street, 59A




Our Models

Diver - Milsub

We have distilled the essence of a diving watch. Used traditional compressor theory, screws to facilitate movement, a modern sapphire crystal and removed unnecessary dial text to make our MilSub. It may remind you of a classic, but it is an OWC.

World Timer

The International Meridian Conference of 1884 set the international 24-hour time-zone system. We designed an instrument to aid the international traveller or the modern trader to make sense of multiple time zones.

Limited Editions

These are pieces of playful exuberance. Made because we can or we want to. They celebrate our inner child, with a splash of colour, infused with fantasy and served with personal significance.


The movement is the heart and soul of our watches. Currently we are using the Soprod A-10 and the no less competent Seagull ST-1812.

In our opinion, the A-10 represents a freshly designed 11.5 ligne automatic movement with exceptional specifications that powers high-end watches. The ST-1812 is a clone of a classic high-end movement, the 2892-A2 that offers outstanding value.

Read why we chose the ST-1812 and the A-10 (insert link to new page)...

Our vision for movements includes: new and vintage; mechanical and electronic.



Case Size                              40.5mm (without crown)

Case thickness                      12.9mm

Crystal thickness                   4.5mm (Sapphire with AR coating)

Lug Size                                20.0mm

Lug to Lug                             51.0mm

Crown                                    7.0mm or 8.0mm Screw down

Bezel                                     Ceramic & Solid

Bracelet                                 20.0mm non-tapering 4.0mm thick

End links                                Solid

Attachment                            Screw Bars Torx T-6

Water Resistance                  30ATM (Laboratory tested)

Luminescence                       SuperLumiNova

Movements                            Seagull ST-1812 & Soprod A-10

OWC products evolve. We reserve the right to change specifications & prices without notice. Hence individual watches may differ from the general specification. (We like to tinker).


FREE Global shipping. Prices are in USD (United States Dollars).

Diver (MS): with Soprod A-10 USD1,100.00; with Seagull ST-1812 USD725.00

World Timer (WT): with Soprod A-10 USD1,100.00: with Seagull ST-1812 USD725.00

Doctors Watch (DW): with Soprod A-10 USD1,125.00 with Seagull ST-1812 USD750.00

Limited Editions: Museum, Vintage and Bespoke upon application

Options and Extras: Please check with us for pricing and availability.

Customisation: Changes and additions from the standard will attract additional charges, (please check).

Prices are indications only and may not reflect current stock and pricing - please check.

Prices exclude ALL local and government customs, taxes and charges.

OWC reserves the right to change specifications & prices without notice.


2015-05-19: Final sample box arrived. This is best of the lot - but just been informed that they send a box made of a different material (WTF...). I designed it to be flat packed, assembled using no tools, fasteners or adhesives.


2015-05-18: New Soprod A-10 movements have arrived. Unfortunately prices are higher due to exchange rate realignments.

2015-05-14: Received our first test batch of 10 Museum Edition movements from initial refurbishment in their country of origin. Now with our Master Watchmaker for evaluation and comment.