Models: MilSub – Diver – World Timer – Limited Editions

Diver – MilSub – Military Style (the “Orange” expression)

With our MilSub range of watches we have distilled the essence of a diving watch. Our watches are inspired by British and French Marine watches used between the 1950’s and the 1970’s (plus others). While rooted in tradition we make no excused for changing most aspects of the original inspiration.

It may remind you of a classic, but it is an OWC

Our case is screwed together from the top and the bottom to create the modern interpretation of the classic Compressor Case. Our case has a floating sapphire crystal and back, both move together creating a tighter seal as pressure increases. Torx screws are used throughout, screw bars have replaced the weaker spring bars and we have employed other engineering characteristics to make the instrument fit for purpose.

MilSub-06-15minBlack-9411-Blue-NoDate-03MS-9411 or Snowflake (Date & No Date)


MS-5517 or Sword (Date and No Date)







MS-6538 No Crown Guard 8mm Crown.Date & No Date (Release due 2017 March)

World Timer

The International Meridian Conference of 1884 set the international 24-hour time-zone system. We have designed an instrument to aid the international traveller, global exporter or the modern trader to make sense of multiple time-zones.


WT-1884 (prototype shown Release due 2017 May)



 Limited Editions

These are pieces of playful exuberance. Made because we can and want to. They celebrate our inner child, with a splash of colour, infused with fantasy and served with personal significance.


DW-1001 (The Doctors Watch)