Models: MilSub – Diver – World Timer – Limited Editions

OWC makes classically inspired and original luxury watches and time pieces. We are a family company and cannot be all things to all people. Our products evolve slowly and new models take time. We like them to be right.

Some of our ISO (In the Spirit Of) watches may remind you of classics. We study, distil, change and make it an Orange Watch. Some of our designs are firmly rooted in tradition, we make no excuses for changing any or all aspects of the original inspiration.

Many of our designs employ the Compressor Principle. We call this our Double Compressor. It enhances the sealing characteristics of the case. Very few watches employ this technique and none (that we know) in our price range.

Our case is screwed together from the top and the bottom to create the Orange Double Compressor Case. Both the Sapphire Crystal and the Back float. They move together as pressure increases creating a tighter seal.

The case completely embraces the movement. It is designed for that movement and no other will fit.

We have applied engineering and design theory to make the instrument fit for purpose, not for fashion. The only excuse for its design is, form follows function.

Where we can, we refine, redesign and enhance parts and designs incorporating these into our watches. Examples of this: Screw Bars instead of spring bars; individually screwed bracelet links, extra thick sapphire crystals and torx screw heads.

OWC products evolve. Specifications, models and pricing are subject to change without notice.

MS-9411 or “Snowflake


MS-5517 or “Sword” (Date and No Date)


MS-6538 or “Bond” (No Crown Guard 8mm Crown.Date & No Date)

WT-1884 or “WorldTimer” (prototype shown still in development)


DW-1001  or “The Doctors Watch