The movement is the heart and soul of our watches. Our vision for movements includes: new and vintage; mechanical; and electronic.

Many smaller makers are using lower end Seiko and Miyota movement, (as Seiko and Citizen will not sell their very best movements to third parties). But we have our sights higher. We allow you the option to chose from:

Movement Choice

OWC always strives for excellence and value at each price point. We have to balance price/value and chassis consideration.

We see the Seagull ST-1812 (2892-A2) as technically superior to the Miyota 9015, Seiko 6R15 and the Sellita SW200 – and this is where we start.

The 2892-A2 can be found in many high-end brands such as Omega and IWC. Seagull is China’s Premier watch and movement maker. It has been supplying parts to the Swiss watch industry for many years. Seagull parts are legally manufactured into “Swiss Made” movements (e.g. Valanvron 92) –

Next, we chose the Soprod A-10. In Our opinion, the A-10 represents a freshly designed 11.5 ligne automatic movement with exceptional specifications that powers many high-end watches. While unconfirmed, the Soprod A-10 is reputedly based on the Seiko 4L25 that powered the Credor range of watches. It is the closest we could get without buying a Grand Seiko.

We continue to search for new and interesting movements – but as with all good things, it will take time.

Soprod A-10







Seagull ST-1812 (2892-A2)