The movement is the heart and soul of our watches. Our vision for movements includes: new and vintage; mechanical; and electronic – the only limit we place it that it be fit for purpose.

Logic and practicality dictate that movements (a speciality that most “watch companies” do not possess) be left to the experts.

Currently we offer:

Movement Choice

OWC strives for excellence and value at each price point.

Seiko and citizen (to name 2) will not sell their best movements to 3rd parties – instead sell their lower range. This level is unacceptable to us. ETA is also limiting supply of their mechanical movements. We considered the likes of Miyota 9015, Seiko 6R15, Sellita SW200 and ETA2824-2 and its clones, but these were not acceptable.

With the introduction of the 5th iteration of the OWC Diver, the ETA2824-2 and its equivalents were dropped, and we moved the entry level higher to that of the ETA2892-A2 and equivalents – a movement used in expensive Swiss brands.

For the mid-tier we use the Soprod A-10 (a Seiko 4L25 design, as I have said many times, is as close anyone will get to a Grand Seiko without buying one.) In our opinion, the A-10 represents a freshly designed 11.5 ligne automatic movement with exceptional specifications.

I do not think you will find a better movement at the price point.

The ETA 2892-A2 and its clones (ST-1812/SW300) are excellent movements but we will drop this as stocks diminish. It is a great movement, but not well known and always confused and compared with the technically lessor and better marketed movements. To avoid any confusion and incorrect comparisons, it will be deleted from the range.

Soprod A-10