OWC has a limited number of options that can accompany our watches.

Each can be purchases with the watches or separately.

  • Screw Bars with T-6 heads
  • Soprod Blue Background Date Disc (only with Blue A-10 dials)
  • OWC-Witte Torx (German Made) T-6 precision screw drivers
  • OWC Cuff links

In addition to our special order for Back background date discs for the regular black date dials, we asked Soprod to to specially make a blue background date disc in the same Pantone colour as the dial. These are in strictly limited numbers.

For the screw drivers we teamed up with the German precision toolmaker Witte, http://witte-werkzeuge.de/1/ to produce a small watchmakers Torx screw driver. This facilitates the easy removal and sizing of the bracelet. We recommend that you get 2.

Again we approached a specialist to craft the OWC cufflinks. These are 100% stainless steel inlaid with Orange – the OWC traditional colour and national colour of our motherland.