As the creator, I see the best and the worst in my work. So when asked which is best, it is like asking to choose one of the Kinderfocken.

With this bias in mind, I direct you to some external reviews.

I am an accidental marketer, preferring not too. “Build it and they will come…” Yeah sure…the cheque’s in the mail….

It is a function of my OCD and disassociated withdrawn personality structure. I read some Psychology as an undergraduate and later took a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy – yes not the full packet of biscuits. My psychiatrist said, I have a high functioning dysfunctional personality…but I digress

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The Reviews:

2013 – December: Doctors Watch DW-1001

2014 – November: MilSub Sword MS-5517-Vintage

2015 – October: MilSub Snowflake MS-9411

2016 – May: MilSub Sword Hands MS-5517-DO (Date Option)