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OWC was born out of passion, frustration, and the obsessive compulsion of one man – Daniel Fock – who is now following his dream and the legacy of his overgrootvader, (great grandfather), Willem Hugo Fock who studied at the Ecole d’Horlogie in Neuchâtel in the early part of the 20th Century.

Daniel, son of Dutch immigrants, grew up in the USA, Singapore & finally in Australia. He has a Master’s Degree and has worked in Hong Kong, London, New York, and Sydney. He has held various roles: CFO, Treasurer in local and international banks, multinationals, funds management, stock broking, futures, and manufacturing to name a few.

OWC – Maker of Specialist Luxury Diving, Dress Watches, and Time Pieces

OWC make very few high-quality luxury time pieces that we offer directly to our clients with NO retailer/dealer margin. We started as a B2C as we remain.

OWC is driven by the Bauhaus and Obsession: our mantra is: “Less is More.” Our products are competent, clean, fit for purpose, overly engineered, and inspired by divine order. CAD and CNC execution is juxtaposed with hand assembly and human testing.

OWC focus on engineering rather than fashion, quality above price and traditional values over marketing. We are quite bad at marketing: instead, we “Build it Better” and they will come.

OWC watches evolve in response to engineering and technological developments. We focus on quality while many build down to a price. “The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten” (Henry Royce).

OWC use bespoke components not generic “off-the-shelf” parts, (aside from the movement). We source globally based on quality and value: from Europe, from Asian, wherever there is a good fit. Each part, and each watch is individually inspected, assembled, tested, and timed in small numbers locally, and in Switzerland.

Hence our parts can cost more than others sell their complete watches. We do not discount or compromise.

OWC is not limited nor restrained by illogical or emotional attachments to local, state, or national borders. OWC time pieces are – “Montres sans Frontières” (Watches without Borders).

Our range of luxury precision equipment, more than exceeds the specifications of others costing far more. We marry inspiration with contemporary specifications. We interpret, refine, and evolve.

As always, our watches and components are constantly being revised, refreshed and re-engineered as we adopt new ideas new designs and new techniques – if required.

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