Our Accessories

OWC has a limited number of accessories. Each can be purchased with our watches or separately.

  • Screw Bars
  • T-6 Torx Precision Screwdrivers (made in Germany by Witte)
  • Cufflinks with OWC Logo in Stainless Steel
  • Cufflinks with OWC Logo in 925 Silver (Ag) (925 Silver)
  • Leather Band (100% Kangaroo)

Precision Screwdrivers:  made by German Toolmaker Witte,  (, These T-6 Torx precision screwdrivers to aid in bracelet adjustment. We recommend that you get 2.

Cufflinks: made by a specialist jeweller and silversmith who have crafted the OWC Cufflinks in both Stainless Steel and 925 Silver (limited numbers). Both are inlaid with Orange – the OWC Corporate colour and that of our motherland (the Nederlands).

Leather Band: (see note under Musings) 100% Australian sourced Kangaroo skin expertly crafted into one of the best and strongest bands on the planet. Hand crafted in Vietnam.