Our Biography

Who are We

OWC was born out of passion, frustration, and the obsessive compulsion of one man - Daniel Fock - who is now following his dream and the legacy of his overgrootvader, (great grandfather), Willem Hugo Fock who studied at the Ecole d'Horlogie in Neuchâtel in the early part of the 20th Century.

Daniel, son of Dutch immigrants, grew up in the USA, Singapore & finally in Australia. He has a Master's Degree and has worked in Hong Kong, London, New York, and Sydney. He has held various roles: CFO, Treasurer in local and international banks, multinationals, funds management, stock broking, futures, and manufacturing to name a few.

He has now planted his Dutch roots in regional Australia, and has started a family not of Orange Men, but Orange Women with 3 daughters and 2 miniature poodles. Life is a little slower and simpler.

It is a marriage of global experience tempered or sometimes lead by his obsessive-compulsive nature to make what he likes to call; bespoke small production runs of time pieces. Dan is the Time Lord of Orange. (Apologies to Doctor Who - BBC).

OWC is a small team of enthusiastic introverted eccentrics working to bring the passion, precision, spirit, and execution of modern watchmaking to the world.

Daniel is lucky as he has both ASD and OCD, and while not the life of the party, lacking spontaneity, he makes excellent luxury watches.