Limited and Museum Editions

DW-1001 – Doctor's Watch

This watch is pure indulgence and was made to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the BBC Sci-Fi series Doctor Who. The Doctor and I share the same birthday (23rd November), so it was an obvious choice. The dial appropriately says "time" in the language of the Time Lords (Gallifreyan).

Gallifrey is the home world of the Time Lords of whom the Doctor is the Last (until the recent re-emergence of the Master and Missy). It is in a binary star system within the constellation of Kasterborous, at "galactic coordinates ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two from galactic zero centre"

The Doctors Watch has many uses, but it most important function is to a Time Lord's essence. We make no promises and no excuses for the Doctor's Watch. We love it.



Another indulgence…the OWC-OWC takes its inspiration from a roman coin and translates this into the 21st century. It is just a piece of fun with OWC on the bezel, just in case you forget the watch is an OWC.

It is engineered like its more subdued sibling to exacting standards. It is a watch to wear with fun and show-off at the pub, on a drive on a B-road in your classic Porsche, it also tells the time. So enjoy it.



We liked the look of the new case and decided to match it with the snowflake. So we made some.



These are pieces of playful exuberance. Pieces made because we can, or we want to. They celebrate our inner child, with a splash of colour, infused with fantasy and served with personal significance.