The movement is the heart and soul of our watches. Our vision for movements includes new and vintage; mechanical; and electronic.

They must be fit for purpose and offer excellence and value at each price point.

Currently we offer:

  • Sellita SW300-1 Elaborate Top Regulation
  • ETA 2892-A2 clone – Seagull ST-1812.

Movement Choice

OWC take movement selection seriously.

We have used: Seagull 2824-2 (ST-2130); Seagull 2829-A2 (ST-1812); Soprod A-10; and now Sellita SW300-1 Elaborate Top Regulation.

We found the offerings by Seiko and Citizen unacceptable as they only offer their lowest grade to external parties. ETA mechanical movements are not available from ETA and the ETA-2824-2 Clones no longer fits with our positioning of quality and specifications.

When Soprod offered the A-10, it was a breath of fresh air (albeit a Seiko 4L25) and we embraced this along with the Seagull 2892-A2 (ST-1812).

The Seiko 4L25 sat in the Credor range just under the Grand Seiko: they changed the hand sizes and dial feet location. The A-10 escapements were made by Seiko. An excellent marriage, albeit never admitted by Soprod.

Soprod eventually took over full production, calling it the M100. Seiko no longer provided the escapements.

While we still have stock of the A-10 we will continue to offer these. We did not purchase the newer M100.

We are now supplying watches with the Sellita SW300-1 Elaborate Top Regulation; this is the highest specification they sell to non-Swiss companies. The only thing it lacks is the COSC swing tag. It is significantly more expensive and appreciably better than most movements offered by many small watch companies.

We still use the Seagull 2892-A2 (ST-1812) as a more economic alternative.

As with all precision instruments, respectful treatment and regular serving by trained watchmakers will allow the movement to work for many years.

It is our link to eternity.