MS-5517- OWC Sword

MS-5517 – Vintage and Date Option


The MS-5517 or "Sword" is part of our MilSub Range or Military Inspired Diving Watches (1950's-1970's). Here we have distilled the essence of these classic British Special Boat Squadron (a Special Forces Unit of the Royal Marines) watches. It has the sword hands, the full 60-minute bezel in the classic case with crown guard. A restrained classic.

There are 2 designs: MS-5517 Vintage, a closer interpretation of the classic SBS watch; and MS-5517-DO (Date Option). Both have crown guards, a fluted bezel and a 7.0mm crown.

MS-5517 Vintage: No date and full 60-minute bezel insert in ceramic with coloured lumen, mimicking the faded lumen of the original.

MS-5517-DO: With a date complication, 60-minute bezel insert in ceramic, outer minute track with military (24 hour) markings and raw C3 SuperLumiNova. This is our interpretation of what the MS-5517 should/would be.

As with most of our ISO range, we have distilled, simplified, and updated the design. The bezel insert is ceramic, the water resistance has increased, the acrylic glass as been replaced by thick sapphire crystal, and we have removed most of the distracting words on the dial