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Automatic MovementOWC have been very careful in the choice of movement. ETA publicly stated that they will no longer supply to those outside of the Swatch Group. This means it will be practically IMPOSSIBLE for small bespoke makers (in fact anyone not in the Swatch Group) to buy legal ETA mechanical movements. The conclusions are obvious.

So we have entered into an alliances with Sea-Gull of China and Soprod of Switzerland. We do continually review other movements and options. There will be different movements offered, some may be vintage and some may be from other manufacturers. But all will be thoughtfully and fully considered.

Sea-Gull is the Premier Watch and Movement maker in China. It has been supplying parts to the Swiss Watch Industry for many years and many Sea-Gull parts are legally manufactured into Swiss movements. We prefer not to buy these Swiss Movements. But rather stay true to Sea-Gull and offer a 100‰ Sea-Gull Product. For more information on Seagull, please see their website.

Soprod is a leader in the production of Swiss-made mechanical and quartz movements. They are independent and provide high quality products to high end watch companies. We were fortunate in securing a commercial relationship.

As can be seen from the table below, the movements offered by these companies fit within well-established benchmarks.

In the same way as the ETA-2824-2 offers entry level for quality watch making, the ST-2130 along with the Miyota 9000-series offer the same performance and quality. We have used the ST-2130 and find them excellent.

We continue to strive for excellence at our price points. So we have introduced as our entry level, the ST-1812 a 2892-A2-type of movement. While similar in design and look the 2824 the 2892 should not be considered as equal. They are similar, but the 2892 is higher quality and better performing hence it is offered in higher end (luxury) watches.

Our entry level is much higher than many of our competitors who offer 2824-type movements. We feel that the ST-1812 movement is as good as the 2892-A2 at a significant price advantage.

Currently our top movement is the Soprod A-10. It is a totally newly conceived movement, with different engineering and design and offers significant advantages over its competitor the 2892-A2. Hence it is our choice for our "Flag Ship" models.

Hence our movement choice is both technically and price driven. But more, it is an ethical choice.

Read more the Soprod on their website.

Manufacturers Specifications

  ST-2130 2824-2 ST-1812 2892-A2 Soprod A-10
Diameter 25.6mm 25.6mm 25.6mm 25.6mm 25.6mm
Height 4.6mm 4.6mm 3.6mm 3.6mm 3.6mm
Type Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Date Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Date Adjust Quickset Quickset Quickset Quickset Quickset
Jewels 26 25 21 21 25
Power Res 41Hrs 38Hrs 41Hrs 42Hrs 42Hrs
Frequency/hr 28,800 28,800 28,800 28,800 28,800
Hacking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shock Absorber Novodiac Etachocs Incabloc Incabloc Incabloc
Regulated 2 pos 2 pos 4 pos 4 pos 4 pos
Origin China Swiss China Swiss Swiss